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We are holding active in School, Zoom interactive and Ondemand classes.

Manna's Martial Arts, Inc. in San Diego offers martial arts classes for the entire family and levels plus so much more...

Manna's has been a pillar in the martial arts community for over three decades. We offer age specific classes for families and individuals to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness with self-defense training in a secure environment. Our supportive afterschool program includes free pickup and summer activity camps are unique and different each week. Offering the best of creativity, fitness, skills and fun.

People say "WOW" when they visit our friendly, courteous and educational environment. Our Zoom classes offer the best online quality experiance world wide. Our comprehensive programs offer our students unique mental and physical development with integrity and respect. All programs promote good mental health and positive physical conditioning.

At Manna’s Martial Arts we value the time that you take to build your and/or your family's core values, whether for fitness, social development, self-defense, camaraderie or self-discipline by supporting the development of strong character, integrity and self-confidence.

In addition, we coach in the development of life skills, leadership and serving the community. We specialize in the martial arts styles of Tang Soo Do, Hapkido, and Songin Do (mature adult). We have continued to excel in high level fitness kickboxing bag workouts.

We invite you to visit and experience MANNA'S in person or online and see for yourself. Contact us to set up appointment or a Zoom call to discuss your first step.

We look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you and will be our honor to share with you and your family, great physical and mental guidance through MANNA'S.

We are simply, THE BEST.